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Kimberly PruchaAt BioDynamic Manual Therapy, LLC, you will find your physical therapist, Kimberly M. Prucha, MPT, is deeply passionate about the care she provides her patients. After personally experiencing chronic pain for 20+ years with countless “odd” symptoms spanning a broad spectrum, numerous visits to practitioners who either dismissed her complaint of symptoms and/or attempted a band-aid approach, and the bleak view of the road ahead, she decided to alter her professional course and pursue a formal education in physical therapy to find her own answers. Deep in her soul, she knew she was born to be a very unique therapist and had a strong desire from very early on to learn about and provide less familiar clinical approaches towards attaining health. Her initial education was just the start…

After graduating from Auburn University in 1999, Ms. Prucha earned her Master of Physical Therapy at the University of North Florida in 2006. Following graduation, she worked in a traditional outpatient sports therapy clinic rehabilitating post-surgical patients ranging from knee and hip replacements, shoulder rotator cuff repairs, ankle sprains as well as back and neck injuries/pain. As she further developed as a practitioner, Ms. Prucha felt there was MUCH more to the human body and its intricate dynamic – and interdependent – internal relationships, so she began pursuing continuing education coursework and formal education in more unique areas of manual therapy. She has had fortunate opportunity, in the course of her career, to work alongside very talented practitioners; learning from those person’s has placed her on her current pathway.

Ms. Prucha is now furthering her education at the Canadian School of Osteopathy – Manual Practice for an even deeper knowledge and appreciation of the interrelationship of all body systems: musculoskeletal, nervous, vascular, craniosacral, and visceral. Coupling her current skill and adding new skills and knowledge, her practice is ever-evolving for the ultimate benefit of the patient… you!

In your session, you will discover a practitioner intent on thoroughly understanding your individual, unique story and history which culminates in the symptom presentation for which you seek treatment. She “meets you where you are” on your pathway to health and provides a space for your health progression to occur. Indeed, the services she provides endeavors to treat the root of the problem so the true expression of health may emerge. True health is achieved over time, it is not instantaneous. You can expect a creative approach with persevering efforts will be apparent in your sessions.

The practitioner is experienced in Visceral Manipulation and Cranio-Sacral Therapy among multiple other treatment approaches. All therapeutic approaches she uses address the musculoskeletal system and integrates the external biomechanic with the internal biodynamic environments.