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BioDynamic Manual Therapy what to expectWhen you seek manual physical therapy services at BioDynamic Manual Therapy, LLC, expect a distinct difference from the typical clinic setting.

  • Expect to enter a calm environment where all sessions are conducted in private treatment rooms allowing you the ability to openly communicate your concerns and your history that has prompted you to seek a different approach to care.
  • Expect the same practitioner who evaluates you will be the same person who provides your continuing care every time. I believe continuity of care is paramount.
  • Expect “one-on-one treatment sessions” means you have my full dedicated attention for the duration of your evaluation and follow-on treatment sessions. The tools I use are basic – my hands and my treatment table – the knowledge and the skill offered are that of experience. The treatment is gentle.

The physical symptoms you experience may be described as back pain, neck pain or knee pain. However, due to the intricate nature of human anatomy and physiology and the fact that every part of the body is interrelated, you may find my evaluation of your pain includes assessment of a body region distant from your pain site. All parts create the whole and therefore, to treat, I first assess the whole being to ensure I treat the root (causative) factor. The selected treatment technique(s) used and the order implemented are unique to your situation. We are highly-individualized beings and therefore all treatment should be administered as such: individualized. But, to be clear, all treatment implemented is and can be explained by the anatomical and physiological basis to our being.

Your sessions are hands-on every time. I may elect to implement necessary foundational stretching or strengthening exercises to your program, but will only spend enough time on this to ensure you can complete the exercise correctly and to educate you of the importance and need for completing the stated exercise. In session, I choose to deliver the value of skilled manual therapy that you cannot provide yourself; I rely on you to complete simple, limited exercises at home to facilitate your progression to full wellness and functional ability.

My goal is to deliver high-value, high-quality care at every appointment. I welcome questions and communication throughout the session. I feel a patient who asks questions to best understand the reasons why I am delivering treatment the way I am for their particular ailment, will develop an awareness of their body not usually previously present. Often this results in greater dialogue, awareness of movement patterns and quicker progression toward health.

BioDynamic Manual Therapy, LLC chooses to follow a cash-based model to maintain ability to provide high-quality care. The model allows the company to deliver the most appropriate evaluation and treatment methods for your individual case. In turn, you receive the treatment you need. I am not influenced by the amount of reimbursement I would receive from insurance companies. My focus can then remain on your goals and reaching them in the most effective, efficient way. We only care about getting you better, faster!